puce Polish hotel and catering trainees (Leonardo Programme)
puce Spanish researcher in France (ERA-MORE network and Marie Curie funding)
puce Portuguese builders in Auvergne (The EURES Network)
puce French seasonal worker in Denmark (The EURES Network)
puce Voluntary service by a French woman in England (European Voluntary Service)
puce Belgian trainee at a "chocolaterie" in Limousin(Eurodyssée Programme)
puce Student nurse in Belgium (French individual training leave)
puce French trainee in a Slovenian company (FACE Programme)
puce French family expatriated to Ireland
puce English and Spanish teachers with posts in France
puce Young Frenchman in an Italian company(International voluntary work within a company)
puce A German woman on a work placement in France (Franco-German Youth Office)
puce French trainee in Barcelona
puce German apprentices in Haute-Loire
puce French confectioners and bakers in Norway
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